Posted by: Larry Sinclair | July 28, 2008


This is my last post.  Host Monster, the server where I had moved the blog to has deleted the site from their servers and will not host my web site any longer.  Host Monster explained to me that they will cooperate with me and Mr. Sibley and provide Mr. Sibley with all information on those who visited the site and all attempts made to access the files and controls on the site.  I am faxing the release authorization as I type this.  Host Monster states that they do not wish to continue to Host my site as they have spent more time on complaints in the short period of time I was on that server than they have in the time they have been in business.

Host Monster stated it is not worth the harassment and resources expended. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the “Barack Obama’s US of A”

I will end this post with a thought, if what I have said is untrue, then why is it that every blog and web site I have had has been attacked and the servers pressured into shutting them down?  Why has so much time, effort and money been put into threatening, attacking me and my family?  Why is it that Barack Obama does not have the guts to say I am lying?



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